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My Approach

My core belief is that at the centre of every human being there is only good and joy. Somewhere along our journey certain events happen that prevent our natural healthy growth and development as human beings. By identifying these events and by working through the difficulties we can resolve the various issues and live our lives in a healthy and fulfilling manner. find out more...


What happens in the sessions?
If you are considering therapy, the initial session is a consultation where you and I can get a sense of each other and see if we might be able to work together. It is an opportunity for you to tell me your story of what has brought you to therapy at this time. It can be helpful to discover what you hope to achieve by making use of therapy. You can ask me any questions you may have about my training and how I work. find out more...

My Training

Malcolm is a member of I.A.H.I.P. for more info...

About Therapy

Malcolm Green is an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist working in Limerick. He is also an accredited supervisor with I.A.H.I.P. People come to therapy for a variety of reasons; they may be struggling with depression, panic attacks, loss of a loved one, feeling stressed and anxious or generally unhappy. Working with both individuals and couples I have experience with issues such as; Relationships, Conflicts, Depression, Bereavement, Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, Anger, Bullying, Stress, Trauma, Work and Career challenges, Intimacy, Loneliness, Loss of meaning or identity, Self-esteem and Personal growth and development. find out more...

Where I Work

The Crescent Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre was set up in 2003 by Malcolm Green and Mary O’Dowd.
The centre which is opposite the Crescent Shopping Centre provides counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. find out more...

Issues Covered

Depression, Panic Attacks, Stress and Anxiety. find out more...

Now Open For Business
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Malcolm Green M.A., I.A.H.I.P., I.C.P.
Crescent Counselling
and Psychotherapy Centre,
24 Silver Birch Grove,

mob: 087-9791780

E mail: info@timetotalk.ie